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LSBC Awards 2016

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London Schools and the Black Child Academic Achievement Awards 2016
7 October 2016 - House of Commons

All the degree, A Level and GCSE results have now been announced! And nomination are now open for 2016’s LSBC Academic Achievement Awards, celebrating the highest achieving young people of African and African-Caribbean descent.

The last year of the awards we received more nominations for the LSBC Awards than ever before, and the standard was incredibly high. This means that many Black students are getting some of the top grades in the country. Despite this stereotypes of young Black people prevail. That is why it is so important we show the world how brilliant many of our Black students are.

We are encouraging all parents, teachers and friends to nominate students you feel have given an outstanding academic performance. Nominators should also include additional information about non-academic and extra-curricular achievements.

The categories are:
·         Outstanding performance at GCSE
·         Outstanding performance at A Level
·         Outstanding performance in Higher Education
Shortlisted students will be invited to the Awards show at the House of Commons in October, where their achievements will be recognised by our speakers and supporters.

Click here for the 2016 nomination form  

The deadline for nominations is 21 September 2016  

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