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14 Jun 2006

THE PHOTOGRAPHS of murdered schoolboy Alex Kamondo posing with his gang, the Man Dem Crew, were sad and shocking. Shocking is how casually the boys pose with their guns the way, a generation ago, a similar group of boys would have posed with a football.
22 Feb 2006

MY GRANDMOTHER, "Miss Di", lived all her life in the village of Smithville in rural Jamaica. The "Miss" was not a clue to her marital status.
22 Nov 2005

Like most people my age, I have always had a fairly relaxed attitude to cannabis. Student parties in the 1970’s and 1980’s took place in a haze of cannabis smoke. And it was demonstrably true that most of those people grew up into boringly solid citizens. But in recent times my views on cannabis have hardened.
26 Oct 2005

MY PARENTS were raised in rural Jamaica and left school at 14. They cared very much about my education, so they made sure I did my homework, encouraged me to excel and turned up dutifully to parents' evenings.
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