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Young People Graduate with Chance UK

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16 Nov 2009

Diane Abbott MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington attended the graduation ceremony for the children and mentors of Chance UK at Hackney Town Hall on Friday. Chance UK, who provide an innovative early intervention mentoring programme to 5-11 year olds with behavioural difficulties, hold graduation ceremonies for the children and mentors that graduate from the programme 6 times a year.

After the event Diane Abbott MP said: “It was great to see the children graduating and to hear how successful the mentoring year has been for them. It is so important to work with the children at such a young age to ensure they can bring about changes before the bad behaviour becomes anti-social or criminal behaviour. I really thing early intervention is the key and the reason the work of Chance UK is so successful.”

Gracia McGrath OBE says “The children, mentors and the families were delighted that Diane was able to attend their graduation ceremony. From my perspective as Chief Executive of Chance UK I was delighted to talk to her and realise how well she understood and valued the impact of our work.”

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