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Diane visits Alan Sugar's old school Northwold Primary

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04 Feb 2010

Diane Abbott MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington paid a visit to Northwold Primary in Northwold Road yesterday to tour the classrooms where of one of Hackney’s most famous residents once studied.

Entrepreneur Alan Sugar, attended Northwold as a child, and the school has been asked to appear in the new series of The Apprentice, which will be filmed later this year.

Diane spoke to the school council and answered questions on what life as an MP is like.

Headteacher Alison Kriel, who came to the school in 2008 when it was at the bottom of the league tables as the sixth leader in the space of three years, has turned round the school by giving it stable leadership, getting rid of a culture of low expectations and by hiring diverse staff to provide children with role models.

“When I arrived it was chaotic and not an environment conductive to learning and we had problems with children’s behaviour the attitude of some parents. Now the children really want to learn and the parents are very positive,” she said.

The school has a worldly view with each classroom named after a country of origin of each of its pupils. They also recently raised £1300 to help survivors of the Haiti earthquake.

Diane said: “Alison has made great progress here at Northwold and the children are progressing well. I hope the Ofsted report confirms her hard work and that we’ll see many more success stories come out of this school.”

Picture shows Diane with the school council

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