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Hackney Schools and the Black Child

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The Hackney Schools and the Black Child conference took place in 2007 at the Ocean venue on Mare Street. in Hackney At our annual London-wide conferences attendees have often expressed the wish that we could have local events. Our resources are limited but my staff kindly volunteered to put this event on. We had a very good response from Hackney parents. Over 400 parents, teachers and kids attended the day-long conference to hear about ways to raise achievement levels and to share ideas and problems. Our special guest speaker was the first winner of the BBC's Apprentice Tim Campbell.

There is a lot of best practice to be shared coming out of Hackney. The morning speakers focused on the experience of working in Hackney. Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe laid out the Council's dedication to improving educational outcomes. Chief Executive of the Learning Trust (the organisation which runs education in Hackney) explained how the Learning Trust are making all Hackney schools top class. Two Hackney head teachers gave us their valuable insight into education in Hackney - Sir Michael Wilshaw of Mossbourne Academy and Caron Adams of Grazebrook Primary School. Maud Blair of the Learning Trust showed us how Black and ethnic minority achievement has been improving in Hackney since 2002. Finally the then Deputy Borough Commander Leroy Logan spoke about the importance of education in crime prevention.

Workshops during the day encouraged lively discussion and allowed parents to get expert advice on their children's education. Workshop titles were:
* How to communicate with your school
* Parent/teacher involvement
* Exclusions: what to do and life after exclusions
* Working with your child's school, helping him/her to learn
* How to get your boy reading
* How to support your child in early years
* Gangs, youth culture and peer pressure
* Supporting the very bright child
* Fathering - for fathers and mothers

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