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Hackney Schools and the Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish-Cypriot Child

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African and African Caribbean children are not the only ones who are under-achieving educationally. In Hackney there is a big issue with Turkish children who are not attaining their full academic potential. Resources are limited for these local events but Diane's staff kindly volunteered to make this happen. So, in 2007 Diane hosted the first Hackney Schools and the Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish-Cypriot Child jointly with the Halkevi Centre. Through communication with the Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish-Cypriot communities it was becoming clear that many of their young people were facing the same barriers as the Black African and Black Caribbean communities in education. Constituents highlighted the difficulties of understanding the British education system, pushing their children for excellence and communicating with schools.

Speakers at the conference included the Mayor of Hackney Jules Pipe, Chief Executive of the Learning Trust Alan Wood(the organisation with responsibility for education in Hackney), Hackney Councillor Rita Krishna and Gulten Kaya, a young representative from the community.

Workshops at the event focused on giving information and advice to parents about the British education system and helping parents to understand the best way to communicate with schools to get better results for their children. There was also a workshop on dealing with gangs, youth culture and peer pressure and help with encouraging young people to stay in education.

The conference finished with a question and answer session; allowing parents, teachers and young people to communicate directly with the speakers.


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